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Thursday, 29 August 2013 09:38

Swami Manmathan

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Swami Manmathan was a social crusader from Kerala who formed a passionate commitment to the progress of people in the mountain area of Uttarakhand. For years, he fought alongside the people of Garhwal, spearheading movements and working for change. Know more about Swami Manmathan

Monday, 10 June 2013 09:17

Welcome to the SBMA

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SBMA is an independent organization that works with the people of Uttarakhand Himalayas. The ashram evolved out of years of community struggle and in the activist tumult of the 1960's and '70s, the people of Garhwal, especially women, gave voice to their frustration against bad governance and superstition. As a platform for their struggle Swamiji founded SBMA in 1977.

This is Jayprakash Panwar; you can call me “JP”. I born and brought up in the beautiful mountain village of middle Himalaya, which is a northern part of India. The beautiful and natural Himalayan environment has a great impact on my life and creativity. I did my schooling near my…
Manoj is a native son of Indian Himalayas and was a leader in the mass-movement of 1994 to create the mountain state of Uttaranchal. His association with the mass-movement convinced him that strong home work is required to strengthen the institutions of governance like Panchayats, to prepare policy recommendations and…
When I think of my past I get very energized and my mind gets filled with thoughts and it all becomes a blur. I have been through a lot. I come from a village in a backward area, named Soong, in District Chamoli of Uttaranchal. People there wore clothes different…
I do not remember much of my life as a child, but I have managed to piece it together from what my family and village members tell me. It is scary to think of where I came from and what I have been through. I was born in Mathura, a…
"During the animal sacrifice incident I met Swami ji for the first time. I had heard that a saint from Kerala has come," recounts Mausi ji. She explains how he stopped people from sacrificing animals at Chandrabadni temple. She says that he exclaimed, "First kill me and then you can…
He came to the ashram with his mother, Saunla Devi at the age of about 2 in 1976 from Chamiyadi village, District Tehri. After much hardships and dedicated work, he became the Secretary of the SBMA. In his own word: I was born on 10th October 1973, in Chamiyadi Village,…
Born in Allahabad, the hotbed of India's Independence Movement at the out break of World War II, Cyril was the 7th son of a 7th son - his father Dr.Stephen Charles, and mother Beryl Rose – a sensitive poetess and pianist. Growing – up and going to school in new,…
In May and June 2004 two Enrollment Camps were organised at Gairsain Block of Distrct Chamoli and Sahaespur Block of Dirstrict Dehradun. During the camp held at Gram Sabha Mehuwala in Sahespur Block twenty-nine school drop-out girls in the age group between 6-14 years got enrolled. These girls were all…
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