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Chanki Devi


"During the animal sacrifice incident I met Swami ji for the first time. I had heard that a saint from Kerala has come," recounts Mausi ji. She explains how he stopped people from sacrificing animals at Chandrabadni temple. She says that he exclaimed, "First kill me and then you can move onto these helpless animals." It was the Navratra holiday at the time and the city magistrate, Mr. Kukreti, was also present, with a police force. With the support of some students and other community members Swami ji was able to successfully stop the sacrifice.

Mausi ji owned some land near the temple and Swami ji inquired to whether she would be willing to donate some land for the construction of the Ashram and help take on the women's issues. Mausi ji was widowed at a young age. This led her to do social work. She was at the time concerned with the high suicide rate of women and worked to come up with solutions.

In 1979 she went to the Laxmi ashram in Kausani to get the training she needed to run an ashram. Afterwards, she travelled around Garhwal, attending various meetings on behalf of SBMA and later opened the ashram doors to needy children.


Smt. Chankhi Devi (Mausi ji) is president of the Ashram and continues to live in the Top Ashram, a place for young women and children to find refuge.

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