Women in Governance

micro2The Women in Governance programme of SBMA, supported by the UNDP was launched in June 2004. It is an interactive programme that seeks to build the functional capacity of women Panchayat leaders by not merely imparting training, but by using the do it yourself approach. Presently, being implemented in the Tehri Garhwal District on a pilot basis the programme is aimed at developing and designing a participatory learning and personality development process that can help bring out the best in women Panchayat leaders in order that they might gain in confidence and be able to lead the community from the front. The programme is driven by a faith in the innate ability of the women and the belief that they only need to be organized and empowered to articulate their own aspirations, needs and problems, so that they may participate fully in and benefit from the opportunities afforded by the 73rd Amendment. This is being accomplished by establishing women forums in each block of the District.

RACHNA along with SBMA is persistently supporting the women functionaries such that they may gain the ability to organize themselves, upgrade their skills and successfully garner support from all sections of the society, especially the government for bringing about the desired change on the issue of gender equity. RACHNA/SBMA has all along been speaking of women's empowerment be it social, economic or political. We have been emphasizing that empowerment of women is absolutely imperative, for familial, societal, national and international development and progress.


  • Empowering/building capacity of elected women for effective functioning and setting women's agenda
  • Institutionalization of mechanisms (networks) to strengthen capacities
  • Strengthening community mobilization and constituency building so that women are able to articulate their voice and participate in the electoral process
  • Ensuring the creation of an enabling environment for greater gender sensitive delivery of services through building multi-stakeholder partnerships.
  • Support block and district level women forums to make quarterly work plans
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