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Thursday, 29 August 2013 20:31

The Divine Land

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Words fail to describe the awesome charm and enchanting beauty of this magical land. Pictures do never tell the whole story. The splendor and the beauty of the land is to be seen and and felt. Blessed with magnificent glaciers, sparkling and joyful rivers, gigantic and ecstatic Himalayan peaks, natural biospheres, valleys full of flowers, skiing slopes and dense forests, this abode of Gods includes many shrines and places of pilgrimage. This is the land where Vedas and Shastras were composed and where the great Indian epic Mahabharatha was written. The land has always been the source of inspiration for nature lovers and seekers of peace and spirituality.

Religious festivals and fairs have always attracted people for miles. The women dazzle with their gay clothes, nose-rings and ear-rings, and colorful head scarves. And the jangle of the jewelry can be sensed during the traditional Garhwali dances. All the while, songs describing the hills and streams float through the air.

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